"HarmonHy": Harmonization of Regulations, Codes and Standards
for a sustainable Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

A Specific Support Action funded by the European Commission

HarmonHy Final Conference

The 15 month HarmonHy project has came to an end. As a conclusion, a conference has been organised with the aim to present the results of the project and the assessment of the activities on hydrogen and fuel cell
regulations, codes and standards on a worldwide level.

More than 50 specialists in the field were attending this very fruitful conference.

Identified gaps and propositions to solve fragmentation have been presented to the audience. Findings related to potential conflicts between regulations, codes and standards were also presented and propositions made to solve the conflicts were then the object of round tables with the relevant specialist of related projects or programmes.

The aim of this conference was to present and further discuss HarmonHy's recommendations on how to proceed further in Regulations, Codes and Standards. Matters including cooperation plan on pre-normative research for submission to the Advisory Council and further cooperation with the European Hydrogen
and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (HFP) taking the Implementation Panel as interface.

The conference was organised in parallel to the HFP's Third General Assembly to be held in Brussels from 4th to 6th October 2006 to emphasise the importance of RCS as outlined in the Strategic Research Agenda and to ensure maximum synergies between the different parties involved, both at European and International level.

All presentations delivered on the conference can be downloaded here.

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