Backgrounds of the project

HarmonHy aims to make an assessment of the activities on hydrogen and fuel cell regulations, codes and standards on a worldwide level. On this basis gaps will be identified and propositions to solve fragmentation will be made. Potential conflicts between regulations, codes and standards will also be investigated and propositons to solve the conflicts will be made.

Particular attention to identify the needs for standards as perceived by the industry will be paid as well as action to ensure concordance between standards, codes and regulations.

The final goal of the process is to render european collaboration in the field as effective as possible and to increase its contribution at the worldwide level, rendering it more effective and homogenous as well as corresponding to its major interests.

At a second stage, the result of the discussions could also serve as basis for further projects to be set up as a response to the last call series of FP6.

As a conclusion to the different discussion meetings the partners intend to organize as final point of the SSA a conference with the aim to present the results of the project and guidelines for the setting up of adequate bodies to solve the identified problems.

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