HarmonHy Pre-normative Research Traffic Light Survey (WP2)

Project Questionnaire


This Questionnaire is part of the activities planned for the Work Package 2 (WP2) “State-of-the-Art of Pre-normative Research”, in which pre-normative research activities are surveyed in most significant programmes/projects. The meaning of pre-normative research used in the HarmonHy Project is: the preliminary phase of experimental research aimed at better characterising the novel technologies and evaluating the related safety aspects by applying well established procedures and methodologies(whose development is part of the pre-normative activities). This Survey will be instrumental in recommending to the EC topics/activities in the next 7 Framework Programme on RCS pre-normative research.

This Questionnaire is mainly aimed at collecting information and data to monitor the past and ongoing research activities, mainly in publicly-funded programmes/projects (in USA, Japan, European Union and other relevant countries), in support of the development of regulations, codes and standards (RCS). The data collection is most based on a semi-qualitative Traffic Light Analysis in which the research activities can be classified according to the following Table.






The research work does not address any specific RCS activity.

No way to use project results for RCS.

Indirect RCS

There are some activities potentially useful for RCS development.

Test results in Demo Projects able to specify testing profiles for materials, components & systems

Direct RCS

The project is a source of results and activities addressing RCS development.

The specific characterization of materials & components, development of test procedures, risk and safety analysis of operating conditions, extreme condition testing.

The next step of the Survey will be the collection of more quantitative information on some specific projects more relevant for RCS pre-normative research, screened from the present survey. The data collection addresses two specific technologies (Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) and two major applications (Transport and Stationary) and will take between 10-15 minutes per project.

The Questionnaire is divided in four parts:

  • Part 1 contains a short project description with starting date and duration, the major application, a short summary of the project contents and an approximate budget (with an indication of the public funding if any).
  • Part 2 regards the Traffic Light Analysis. Two sections, one for Hydrogen and the other for Fuel Cells, present a list of major items/issues of interest for RCS pre-normative research. One of the 3 lights has to be “switched on” for each item. Some free fields are made available for introducing new topics/items considered in the described project.
  • Part 3 requires some more details and a limited description (very few lines) on one or two topics on which the described project as specific pre-normative research (e.g. sensor development, experimental or mathematical analysis of safety aspects, testing methods and so on).
  • Part 4 contains references (mainly publicly available, such as, publications, presentations, website pages, papers) and the indications of the person filling in the Questionnaire and, possibly, contact persons involved in the presented project.

The results of the survey will be made available on the HarmonHy website after a preliminary analysis and aggregation.

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